About SECG

The Severn Estuary Coastal Group was formed in 1993 initially to deal with the preparation and completion of the first Shoreline Management plan for the Estuary area from upstream of Lavernock Point west of Cardiff and Brean Down in Somerset.

The Shoreline Management Plan

Following the shoreline from Lavernock Point, near Penarth in Wales to Anchor Head, just north of Weston Bay in England. The upstream boundary is at Haw Bridge, near Gloucester, which is just below the current tidal limit and still influenced by the sea.

Compensatory Habitats

RSPB's Newport Wetlands is an example of a habitat created out of a brownfield site in compensation for development elsewhere in the Severn Estuary

Welcome to the Severn Estuary Coastal Group (SECG)

The Severn Estuary Coastal Group is a technical group of local authorities and other key organisations that shares an interest in the management of the shoreline around the Severn Estuary. Established in 1993, SECG works to promote a coordinated and sustainable approach to coastal risk management and to facilitate the duties and responsibilities of local authorities and other organisations managing coastal protection & flood defence issues around the Estuary. The area covered by the group spans from Lavernock Point in Wales to Anchor Head and Haw Bridge in England.